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Style guide for monsoon footwear


11 August, 2015: Monsoon is the season and with this comes a dilemma of which shoes to wear for the monsoon hits. Footwear is the first victim of your style wear, as monsoon hits hard on your way. Footwear is something that surely defines one personality. It’s a tough job to prevent your footwear from the monsoon as well as look stylish. Here are few guide on how to pick your monsoon footwear…

1. Colorful flip-flops:
There are a lot of cute, colorful rubber flip flops available in the market and online. They are washable and can be clean irrespective of where your feet have been. They are ideal for casual college wear or a day outing.

2. Rubber or plastic shoes:
Shoes that look like leather, but are made of rubber or plastic, are ideal for the monsoon.
3. Sandal with straps:
When your feet are wet, your sandals or flip-flops tend to slip out. Wear sandals with straps to ensure they don’t slip off.
4. Ballerina Shoes:
Buy rubber ballerina shoes or peep toe flats, which won’t get ruined in the rain, while protecting your feet from the mud.
5. Boots:
Buy a pair of waterproof boots. They’ll keep your feet dirt-free, while looking stylish.
6. No heels:
Don’t wear heels, even with straps, as heels make your steps slippery.



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