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Style Over Comfort or Comfort Over Style?


10 September, 2015: Do you choose comfort over style at all times? Or is style and fashion more important?

When it comes to choosing outwear, people are very conscious about following latest fashion and trends. Women are especially crazy about stylish and fashionable wear. There is nothing wrong in being stylish. But you should never ignore comfort when wearing a stylish outfit, be it a dress or footwear. There are some cases where you do not have to sacrifice style over comfort.

When talking about style over comfort or comfort over style, my style option has always been about combining fashion with individuality and comfort. It’s an extension of my personality.

Here are 10 rules for you to know, while making a style:

1. Dress for yourself, not because you want to please anyone else.

2. It’s a good idea to follow fashion trends, but don’t blindly ape them.

3. Love your body; it will change your perception of clothes.

4. Never dress a size smaller or bigger than you actually are.

5. Less is always more — never try to decorate yourself by putting all the accessories unnecessarily.

6. The right footwear can transform an outfit. High heels are great, but make sure you can walk in them. Don’t wear them just because everyone else does.

7. Use your skin tone to decide whether warm or cool colors suit you and dress accordingly.

8. Always own these classics — a white shirt, fitted jeans, a black dress. They work out in times of emergency. Jeans are a must-have; they find your style.

If you don’t feel good wearing it, you probably aren’t looking good in it. Make sure to be comfortable in what you wear.

So this is something to ask yourself, how much prepared are you to sacrifice comfort to achieve the style that you like? Or will you sacrifice on your ideal style at any particular moment and go for a more comfortable look.


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