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Style tricks for College students

A portrait of a mixed race college student at campus

June 19, 2015: Colleges will soon open for the year and since you’re a fresher, you will want to look your best during your new phase of life. But you can’t invest in every makeup must-have. Here are few moves you can incorporate to look fabulous even with bare essentials…

1. Cosmetics tricks and tips: There are numerous tricks to make certain makeup products last longer. If you’re running low on mascara, squeeze a few eye drops in the bottle and make it last longer. Another great idea is investing in 2-in-1 beauty products like a stain that can be used on the lips as a lip color or also as a cheek stain.

2. White liner for sleepy eyes: There is different kind of college student – the studious kind who stays all night or the kind who parties all night long – you will have days where your eyes will look tired. To tackle this, apply a white or nude color liner to your waterline to make your eyes look brighter!

3. Buy only the essentials: Don’t invest in all kinds of cosmetics to do your makeup. For example, you don’t have to buy a primer, setting powder, makeup setting spray etc. Just spend money on basics like lipstick/gloss, eyeliner, foundation, blush, etc. this way you will save a lot of your pocket money.

4. Jelly + perfume = long-lasting fragrance: It’s tough to apply your expensive perfume multiple times a day. If your fragrance isn’t strong enough, apply some petroleum jelly on your wrists and then spray the perfume on top. This will hold the fragrance for longer.


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