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Sugarcane Farmers Yet To Be Paid In a Year


Pathari, Jan 31, 2015: It’s been a year that the sugarcane farmers in Morang sold their hard-earned produce to the sugar factory but they are yet to get paid for it.

The sugarcane farmers had sold their harvest to the Eastern Sugar Mills at Amahi Bela of Sunsari a year ago. But the owners have not yet paid the farmers, according to farmer Bhola Sharma of Kadamaha, Morang. Sharma also says that many sugarcane farmers are thinking of shifting to another crop as a result of the yearly hassles they face at the hands of the sugar factory owners.

The problem for sugarcane farmers in Morang is that the Eastern Sugar Mills is the only place where they can sell their produce, adds Bideswar Yadav, also a sugarcane farmer.

Meanwhile, Chief Sugarcane Manager of the Mills Suresh Mehta claims that despite the delay the mill has been paying the farmers.



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