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Sultan beats box office record set by Kohinoor


Kathmandu, July 25, 2016: Sultan has broken the record of earnings in Nepali movie market. This Salman Khan-starrer Bollywood flick has grossed 100 million rupees in 18 days.

Sultan has left behind the Nepali movie Kohinoor that had grossed 80 million rupees. It has broken both records for highest grossing movie and as the highest earning foreign movie in Nepal.

Cinema pundits say that Sultan’s record shows Nepali movie market has grown. This also proves that Nepali audience is inclined to watch Bollywood movies.

Even in the third week of its release, movie has occupancy of 70 percent. Gopi Krishna Movies is managing the movie’s distribution in Nepal. From Qfx chain only, it is surmised that the movie has collected 40 percent of its share.