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Sumayea Binte Shafiul


Sumayea is a passionate writer, a movie enthusiast and a book lover. A forever fan of One Tree Hill (TV show), Love Story (Erich Segal) and Atonement, Sumayea also shares her thoughts on her blogs. She is an undergraduate student at Asian University for Women and is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her major is Biological Sciences, which she dreams to be the foundation of her goal- being a genetics researcher. She is the Founder President of Community Teachers’ Club, AUW, and is a member of Leo Club of Chittagong. She enjoys volunteering, be it at college clubs and activities, or community service. Besides, she is a member of Rave It Up, which is a travel group comprising of members from 13 countries, based in Chittagong Bangladesh. She loves traveling and hanging out with Rave It Up pals. She believes, her source of strength and driving force is her ‘happy gene.


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