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Summarize your home with right fabrics


18 August, 2015: No, you don’t need to change your entire decoration to get the summer vibe in your home. Choosing the right fabric and material does all the deed and is also easy for your pocket. When the temperature hits outside one of the first things you should do is change the curtains and cushion covers. Get those heavy things down and replace them with something a bit lightweight and cheerful. Just like heavy, winter drapes dressing your windows during the hot, sultry days of summer seem impractical and out of place. The right thickness, texture, and even colors can make a difference in keeping your home looking fresh, vibrant, attractive, and inviting. Mix your curtain with a matching cushion covers and get a new look without getting to change the entire upholstery.

If your house is surrounded by lush vegetation and you can leave windows without curtains, then hanging silk flowers or window decorating with attractive crafts create beautiful windows and add charm accents to your summer decorating without curtains.

If you live in a cool climate or your room is facing the north you don’t need to protect your home interiors from the damaging direct sunlight. You can experiment with small window treatments, designing interesting decorative window coverings or embellish your window with flowering plants while controlling the intensity of sunlight in home interiors. Small things matters the most. You can use light curtain fabrics in cool or neutral colors, bold floral prints in bright colors, small window shutters, blinds and shades, blooming flowers and contemporary vinyl wall stickers, or hang silk flowers, feathers, and butterflies decorations on fishing line that will work as unique window treatments for summer decorating in creative style.

1. Sheers








It’s important your curtains reflect the summer through your home interior and this can be easily achieved with simple ideas “Keeping your curtains in fresh, tonal hues, for instance, will instantly brighten your room, creating a more spacious feel, even when closed”. By choosing sheers to dress your window, you can enjoy the warm feelings; natural light conjures without having to endure the actual heat.

2. Lace






Lace brings this instant romantic setting to your room, allowing the light airy feel. Lightweight fabrics will allow for a softer, gentler movement. It can be used to disperse sunlight, adding romantic and chic feel to summer decorating. This is a great look for keeping the summer sun out but letting the breezes blow through.

3. Cotton





Cotton is always a pleasure offering that soft comfortable feel. Cotton panels with a high thread count for durability and freshness and often have wide ranges of decorating styles. As layers are in, so there’s no need to be shy when choosing your cotton window dressing.

4. Colors and Patterns

pattern  pattern1  pattern2

It’s time to unwind your imagination because summer is all about colors and this season it’s easy for you as patterns, flower prints and graphics are in. So there’s no place to shy away. Just go wild with your imagination and bring out the artist in you. Mix and match your patterns and see what works. Generally, three is the minimum number of patterns you should use, and the key to successful mixing is to vary the scale, from small to large, of the patterns.

Article by: Smriti Poudel, Freelancer Interior Designer


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