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Super Human Journey To Revive Lost Heritage


22 Feb, 2015: Dr. Yuree Vajramuni ,featured as one of the top five SUPER HUMAN of this planet by Discovery Channel  and a global icon in the field of psychophysical development with a multi world record holder for the highest neuro-engagement ability, strongest kicker, etc is in the journey to revive lost heritage of self defence. He along with his team of Buttan came to Nepal in this journey and participated in 5 days event of  Nepal-Bangladesh Expo-2015.

His visit to Nepal was aimed to establish Buttan Art Federation in Nepal and to introduce this empowerment program for youth and women here in Nepal. Talking with Glocal khabar, he says, ”

It is surprising that even we don;t know that this art is our heritage. Buttan movement  is to revive the lost heritage of self defence in south asian region and all over the world with the banner of international federation.”

DSC_7535Dr. Yuree is  also included in the famous archive of “Believe It or Not”, USA. Grand Master Prof. Yuree has a very rich academic background on Specialized Security, Martial Science & Eastern Meditation Systems. He’s spritual journey began at early age from the essence of his mother’s involvement & practices in the field of Dhyana & Meditation.Dr. Yuree began his Martial Arts career with THAING (BANDO & BANSHY). He later founded the science based revolutionary Butthan Martial art system (www.butthan.net ) – the noble art of stopping fight and enlightenment – which has signed a mark in the sub-continental history, having thousands of practitioners in the world whose lives have been spirited by the art, and has put a precious feather in his crown.Combat.Cover.2008

Since 2010, its has been more visible to people when combat magazine talked about revived heritage. His journey of movement took new part with his world record setter and the title of Super Human by Discovery Channel gave him little space to work better in this mission of Bhuttan.

According to Dr.Yuree, lack of practice and patronisation of self defence art in south eastern countries was the reason to lost its heritage. He says,

Lack of practice and patronisation. This two is interrelated. This was picked up by countries like China and Japan because they highly patronised this art and also involved themselves practicing deeply. They improved and enriched where the motherland of martial arts lagged behind. Its very sad to say that no southasian games are recognised as sports event in modern days like olympics.

About Buttan :

Buttan is a sanskrit word meaning to upliftment and enlightenment. Butthan Meditation and Butthan Martial Arts is based on ancient South-Indian heritage aimed for human transformation through the systematic practice of pranayama, meditation, vajrapran, life without medicine, psychophysical development behavior reconstruction and mind reprogramming as well as to attain healing from past physical and mental trauma. It s noble art of stopping fight and enlightening. It is psyco-physical training system of body and mind. Buttan is a movement carried out all over the world with the banner of international federation. Its a sports federation trying to promote this art of self defence all over the world.  It is not about fighting but empowering oneself. It is competitive form of source where people can get into competition and attain medals and recognition.

According to Dr.Yuree, people have lots of misunderstanding about martial arts and the essence and originality of art of self defence has not been expressed in the modern day martial arts.

He is an accomplished philosopher, a committed master, brilliant strategist, and a time honored successor in the today’s world. He believes that strong body and weak mind does not work. Human body is the hardware and your mind is the software. Every program you load is your thinking pattern.

DSC_7526His Message :

Believe in yourself . It takes you where you want to go . Intention is the seed . Keep going and believing. Its important to continue your dreams. Its easy to dream but to hard to maternalise it .Once you frame it, it demands precisely the necessary endeavour. Building martial arts as an career is a brilliant idea but its is not very easy especially in the third world country like ours. Its difficult as you have prove yourself in higher extent. It might also not be viable idea but as passion rules. If somebody wants to take it as a profession, I would welcome them.”

By : Alina Prajapati
Photo By: Shataranj Suwal


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