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Supply of petroleum products will be smooth in a couple of days: NOC


Kathmandu, August 22, 2016: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has assured that the distribution of petroleum products would be smooth in a day or two.

NOC Director Nagendra Jha said that although the daily demand of petroleum products was around 400,000 litres in the Kathmandu Valley alone, the NOC has been distributing 600,000 litres on a daily basis lately keeping in view the increasing demand from the consumers.

The NOC reasoned the short supply of petroleum products in the country due to the inadequate distribution of the same from a depot of the Indian Oil Corporation at Raksaul in India.

Earlier the NOC had been receiving 500,000 litres of petrol in a day but the supply of the same stands at 200,000 litres on a daily basis lately, shared NOC Director Jha.

Consumers queuing hours at the various petrol stations in the Valley have become a common sight following the disruption on the supply of the fuel in the last few days.
Only few petrol stations were seen distributing petroleum products on Sunday while the majority of them were hanging a board reading ‘No Petrol.’

Although the supply of the petroleum products painted a grim picture for some days, Jha reaffirmed that the distribution of the same would be smooth in a couple of days for the Corporation was likely to bring in additional 300,000 litre from a depot at Barauni Check Point with India.

Source: RSS