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Suvadin- A Nepali Social Media Kicks Off


Kathmandu, January 4, 2017: Suvadin.com, a Nepali social media by Suvadin Media and Research Center has officially kick-started in town. In an era when freedom of speech and expression is openly practiced, the social media’s main aim will be to ensure access of all the Nepalis in the issues concerned to the society, through the seamless transfer of information. Apart from the regular informative and investigative news contents published through the media, it shall also be a platform for all Nepalis to publish and share the news, views, stories they have seen, heard or experienced.

Apart from the  transmission of news and information, the social media also includes various special features to promote meaningful social relations and sharing of opinions. The media believes that features including Autograph, Cause, Praise and Complain, infotice, Polls, and Club will help differentiate Suvadin amongst other social media and platforms. It has been designed assessing the need and interest of all the Nepalis, and apart from Nepal, the media shall have representatives in 60 countries in the world, said Suvadin in a press release.

‘Autograph’, one of the major features in the portal, has been developed taking into account the friendly tradition that has been practiced for decades. Through this, the users can identify their interests and gain information from the persons they are interested in. Suvadin also claims to be the first ever media to have developed Autograph as its main feature. Other features are also believed to drag Nepali society towards the path of positivity and progress.

The social media also seeks to entail its duties and responsibilities to be very important along with the freedom it practices, and will follow a working mechanism to make each level of community responsible, ultimately helping to build a right opinion base.

President and CEO of Suvadin, Sanat Neupane believes that though incepted with the limited resource bracket, one day its fame will even reach to Silicon Valley.

Similarly, Editor at Suvadin Mr. Khilanath Dhakal shares that the media shall act as an effective information tool, and further mentions that it will be successful to make Nepalis write their news and stories on their own.

Ujwol Ghimire, Director of Suvadin, expresses his hope that the social media will be ‘the best friend’ of every Nepalis within a very short period of time.