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Sweden Launches World’s First Remote Air Control Tower


Stockholm, April 22, 2015: Sweden on Tuesday, introduced the world’s first remote air control tower at the northern Ornskoldsvik air terminal.

“The principal Remote Tower Services finding!,” Sweden’s Air Navigation Services (LFV) reported on Twitter, under a photo taken from the plane before it arrived around twelve (1000 GMT).

The plane flew from the town of Sundsvall to Ornskoldsvik, around 150 kilometers (95 miles) toward the north. Both the take-off and landing were guided by the airport regulation tower in Sundsvall.

As per LFV, cams and sensors gather live-time data at the Ornskoldvik air terminal’s remote tower, which is transferred to air activity controllers in Sundsvall.

.”We are the first on the planet to have a remote tower … The pilots in the plane were in contact with the tower in Sundsvall,” LFV’s interchanges executive Elisabeth Lindgren told open radio SR.

Pilots encountered no distinction in their correspondence with the tower.

“With the assistance of innovation, air movement is controlled the same route as in a conventional tower,” LFV said in an announcement.

“It went securely!,” a SR columnist on board the first flight told the radio with a giggle after the getting, one of the 50 travelers on board.

“I clutched the armrest firmly however there was no issue. Also, on the off chance that I saw accurately, for the pilot it had no effect,” she included.

The two airplane terminals were picked “for geographic reasons”, Lindgren said without giving further points of interest.

The innovation is required to be progressively taken off in different air terminals in Sweden.


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