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Swine Flu Alert in Chitwan


Ratnanagar (Chitwan), Feb 23,2015: In view of the spread of deadly swine flu in the bordering country, India, stakeholders here have begun maintaining high alertness.
The health workers are raising awareness among the people on the transmission of the swine flu.
The District Public Health Office, Chitwan, has said it was essential to maintain high alert in the district, as it was bordered to India, where many have lost lives.
Vector Control Inspector at the Office, Ram KC, said every measure to prevent the disease is made ready here.
An isolation ward with five beds has already been set up at Bharatpur hospital considering- if anyone is found with the swine flu symptoms.
Other preparedness as of vaccines and medicines are also in condition.
Efforts are underway to orient health workers how they could make aware the public on the deadly disease.

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