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Talak Jung vs Tulke to hit the screen


KATHMANDU, OCT 19,2014: When the Nepali crime action film Loot was screened in 2012, it turned out to be a blockbuster of a new kind. The kudos goes to director Nischal Basnet for blazing a new trail.

Recently, Basnet worked as producer/actor in another next Nepali flick Kabbadi; that film too was well-received by both the Nepali film critics and the audience for the way it presented the life and culture of the indigenous Thakali people in Mustang.

Now after a two-year hiatus from directional work, Basnet has come up with a new movie Talak Jung vs Tulke, which is scheduled to be released on October 31. The script, penned by Khagendra Lamichhane, has been adapted from Chinese author Lu Xun’s novella The True Story of AhQ.

Lamichhane has already spent 15 years as a playwright, working on Nepali theatre productions. He has also penned two works Pani Photo (a collection of his dramatical works) and Katha Natak, where stories by other writers were compiled as dramas. Lamichhane first made his foray into the Nepali film industry with the thriller Badsala.

“In the field of drama, my work has been appreciated, but now it’s up to audiences to judge my new work,” said Lamichhane, who didn’t want to make comments about his new film.  The film’s promo has already gone viral in the social-media sphere and many Nepalis hope that Basnet has created another great product.

The producer of the film is Rabindra Singh Baniya, and some well-known actors in the Nepali film industry, Dayahang Rai, Richa Sharma and Prakash Ghimere, play the lead roles.



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