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Talk Less, Listen More


How often do you communicate effectively?


Very less, because we take the chance of conversations for granted. More than thinking of creating an impactful talk between the two, we focus on useless talking. Whenever we settle in a conversation, we tend to create an image of that person and in case we haven’t focused on what the other has to say, we create false images that run under false perceptions throughout.

People claim themselves to be a good listener when they actually aren’t. Just listening to someone and replying back doesn’t mean you’re an effective listener. At times, it is more important to not say anything, instead, hearing properly and reflecting what you just heard.

People who value speaking not necessarily have been exposed to the art of effective listening that actually opens a possibility of resolving potential and actual conflicts or maybe lead to discovering something exciting. Effective listening helps to change the dynamics of a situation with powerful results. Results that shows how well you know now about each other’s perspectives, how well you have appreciated or criticized it.

The world believes in speeding after everything possible and that’s what has paralyzed the communication patterns these days. People aren’t busy listening to perceive what someone says, but instead they’re focused on planning the brilliant thing they’d say the moment the other person finishes speaking.

A conversation isn’t a competition where the one speaks the most, with maximum things to convey, or the louder one wins the race. It is a setup that you have the authority to create; the more calm and composed it is, the more sharing it has, the more you become happy

Ironically, the less we talk, the more we’re able to communicate. If you have something unimportant to speak, it’s better if you don’t ruin your talks with it instead save your important ones for the right moment and it gives them more power. We people crave for someone to listen to us and reflect upon them as a crucial action so listening to someone properly proves to be a valuable action to that person. One keeps the desires of being validated and that’s possible only when you listen to them. Well, if we choose to remain silent at times, the other person might fill in the silence with any further information that will help you initiate good bonding with that person.

People love sharing their ideas, talking with someone and in case you become the one to listen and borrow someone’s perspective, it’s a win-win situation. The Demand-Supply law goes well with the communication as well. If you continually talk about your opinions, none will seek them, but if you spend more time listening than you do speaking so that the people you’re speaking will feel understood and bonded with you.

Maybe naturally we’re fixed in this set of ratio, we have “two ears and one mouth” and that this is a good reason why we should spend more time listening.


By Jamuna Gautam

The writer is an A-Level graduate from Xavier International College and is currently doing her internship at Glocal Khabar.