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Talks With Dr KC’s Team End Inconclusively

Talks With Dr KC's Team End Inconclusively
Talks With Dr KC's Team End Inconclusively

Kathmandu,31 March 2015: Various round of talks held on Tuesday between the government team and the team from Professor Dr Govinda KC side ended inconclusively.

Minister for Health and Population and also a team member from government side, Khagaraj Adhikari shared that another round of talks with Dr KC’s team was, however, ongoing.

Dr KC, who works in the Orthopedics Department at the Maharajgunj-based TU Teaching Hospital, has been staging fast-unto-death for the fifth time and this time already stretching to the tenth day, demanding reforms in the medical education and services in Nepal.

“The government is ready to address major demands made by Dr KC but there are constitutional, legal and technical glitches concerning some demands,” said Minister Adhikari, adding that the government was brainstorming to come up with the plausible solutions to Dr KC’s few demands.

Various rounds of talks were held between Dr KC’s team and government’s team in connection to the Dr KC’s demands, albeit no talk yielded concrete result.

The talks were postponed for a while when the government team left the venue to inform Prime Minister Sushil Koirala about the last bottom-line put forth by Dr KC, according to Dr Muktiram Shrestha, General Secretary of Nepal Medical Association.      Of total 10 demands pressed by Dr KC, only two demands are left to be forged consensus, Shrestha added.

Meanwhile, the medical officers who have been looking after Dr KC said that the health condition of Dr KC was deteriorating.



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