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Tappu (A creative adventure)


imageKathmandu, 7 Nov,2014: Tappu presents an imaginary journey from innocence to maturity through the surrealistic representation blends both the fantasy and reality. The play equally brings together the imaginary worlds and real world with its bizzase settings.
The most powerful aspects of the play is expression of natural in supernatural way and “expression of supernatural things in natural way and natural things in supernatural way.” In nut all, the play is a perfect work of “Magic Realism”.

Through the presentation of supernatural setting of Bramanda Roster, it tries to study or measure the ‘morality’ among mvortals that tries to address the human psychology, their feelings, emotions, cruelty as well as different aspect associated with existence.


image       Tappu

Through the play seems, little flate and complex to understand at surface level, the core of different medium of expression like-play with shadow, visual effects and rich bright decoration obviously does not let audience go beyond the play. Furthermore live musical presentation and lyrics help the audience to cope with long duration of one hour forty minutes.

Tappu is the sounds of journey and sound of unquenchable quest for the answers about life and death, sufferings, morality, humanity reincarnations and enlighten. Tappu represents the “Land of Dreams” which tries to deal with other shapeless and colorless aspects within human soul like ego, morality, cruelty and consciousness. It has collected all these notions in its march together with the children, the casts and the team involved in own realm of this journey ‘Tappu’ has been a quite a ride within the surrealistic representations.

By: Sangita Tiwari


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