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Taskin Ahmed’s suspension upheld by judicial commissioner


Bengaluru, March 23, 2016: The suspension of a Bangladeshi fast bowler Taskin Ahmed from bowling in international cricket was upheld by a judicial commissioner following a review hearing today.

Taskin had “exercised his right to request an expeditious review of his case by a judicial commissioner” after his suspension for an illegal bowling action stated the ICC in a release.

The hearing was conducted over a tele-conference call by Michael Beloff QC, it lasted several hours and in which numerous legal challenges were made on behalf of the player.

Having carefully considered those arguments and the responses of the ICC, Mr. Beloff has now notified all parties concerned of his decision that Taskin’s suspension from bowling in international cricket shall be upheld and indicated that a written reasoned decision will be provided in due course.

In the meantime, Taskin, at any time following appropriate remedial work, can apply to the ICC for a re—assessment of his bowling action.

Taskin and his teammate, left-arm spinner Arafat Sunny, were reported for suspected illegal bowling action by the match officials during Bangladesh’s opening match of the ICC World Twenty20 against the Netherlands in Dharamsala.

Taskin undertook an independent assessment at the ICC-accredited testing centre in Chennai.

The independent assessment found that some of Taskin’s standard deliveries exceeded the permissible level of elbow extension and, as such, his bowling action was found to be illegal.

He was then suspended from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect.