Taxpayers demand widening of tax net  

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Taxpayers demand widening of tax net  

Chitwan,17 Nov 2014: Taxpayers in Chitwan district have asked the bodies concerned to widen the tax net and to facilitate the process for tax payment.

The taxpayers participated in the morning rally organised by the Inland Revenue Office, Bharatpur demanded so. The morning rally was organised to mark the Third National Tax Day.

At a corner meeting organised after the rally, President of Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kalyan Joshi, said taxpayers would be inspired to pay tax if the state highly evaluate the contribution of taxpayers to national income and felicitate the works regarding tax payment.

Similarly, Inland Revenue Office Chief, Tikaram Bhusal, said the office would encourage the regular taxpayers and action would be taken against tax evaders.

There are more than 41,000 tax payers in the district. The District Inland Revenue Office had collected Rs 8.34 billion revenue in the last fiscal year.

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