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Taylor Swift Gave Selena Gomez Relationship Advice We Can All Take To Heart


20 October,2014: If only we could all be BFFs with Taylor Swift.

Recently, Selena Gomez opened up to the ladies of “The Talk” about an awesome piece of advice she got from her pop star bestie.

Gomez revealed that while hanging out at her house, she opened up to T-Swift about all the stuff going on in her life, and Swift told her, “Selena, if you’re the smartest person in the room, I think you’re going to be in the wrong room.”

Gomez says the advice is a reminder to always surround yourself with people who are going to make you better. Then, further securing Swift’s place in the best friends hall of fame, Gomez added that the “1989” singer always supports her and doesn’t judge.

Besides giving awesome advice, Swift has been busy musically, releasing a teaser for her new song “Welcome to New York” on Monday. Gomez has also been staying busy, making talk show appearances, looking amazing in recent photo shoots and always being involved in rumors with her on-again-off-again man, Justin Bieber.

Of course, when all else fails, Gomez should just remember Swift’s most important advice of all and “shake it off.”

Source:The Huffington Post


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