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Teach For Nepal Alumni Organise STEM Workshop For Girls


Kathmandu, August 9, 2018: Teach for Nepal Alumni is organising a three-day workshop named “Udeshya-Girls in STEM”. The organization is organising a three-day program hosting students from 8 public schools.

The workshop includes problem-solving, building robots, using Microsoft Powerpoint and Word, Google search, sending and receiving emails. The workshop aims to provide knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects leading to reward engineering careers. Teach For Nepal Alumni and workshop coordinator, Richa Neupane, says,”We wanted to ensure that the girls from all backgrounds living in rural parts of Nepal have access to STEM education and to the dream of becoming an engineer, doctor or tech entrepreneur”. She also mentioned that the workshop is intended to break the stereotype of people towards girls and give them exposure in the STEM.Teach For Nepal Alumni reached 20 students from four districts in Nepal through this workshop. Alumna, Astha Khatri, who worked as a Logistic manager says,“Our goal was to empower girls to contribute their ideas in order to solve Nepal’s thorniest problems and we wanted to start by strengthening their foundations in the STEM. When girls are equipped to change our nation, they will.”