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Chitwan, Aug. 3: Students and university teachers at the Agriculture and Forestry University have started a sit-in protest for an indefinite time from today citing appointments of the lecturers and other staffs were not made as per the due process.

They have been organizing various protests for a month regarding the appointments of the staffs and university teachers started a sit-in protest from today as the AFU began to make political appointments rather than calling for advertisement for the vacant posts.

The university teachers and students padlocked the Dean Office under the University since June 29 from which all the administrative activities were disrupted. The classes were also disrupted after the students announced further programmes of protest since July 27.

The students and university teachers have been staging the protest demanding that the appointments of the university teachers and staffs made in political basis be canceled, and they should be appointed by calling public advertisement, among others.

The University teachers and other staffs had filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court on Thursday demanding to stop the current appointment process.



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