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Team Form To Take Action On Illegally Run Brick Kiln

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Sarlahi, Nov 11,2014: A monitoring and investigation has been formed to initiate action against those running brick kilns without meeting criteria.

A meeting of the stakeholders held under the chairmanship of Chief District Officer Mohan Bahadur Chapagain decided to form the team under the coordination of Madhukar Prasad Saha. The team is assigned 15 days to submit the report, said the CDO Chapagain.

He further said those who are running brick factories illegally will be meted out stringent action.

The monitoring team comprises an officer from the district administration office, and the representatives from Inland Revenue office, district police office, armed police force, national investigation office, Sarlahi Brick Entrepreneurs’ Association and Small and Mid-Scale Brick Entrepreneurs Association.

Coordinator Saha informed that the team initiated onsite inspection Tuesday.

Some of the provisions to run brick kiln are, more than 100 ft tall chimney and use of coal to burn brick in the kiln.

According to a record maintained by the office of the small and cottage industry, there are 70 brick kilns in Sarlahi. Among which, 66 have taken license.

It is reported that only 25 kilns have fulfilled all criteria.

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