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Team IKONICS wins ‘WAR of the WITS’ ad-making competition


Kathmandu, April 23, 2017: Team IKONICS has stood victorious in the ‘War of the Wits’, an ad-making competition.

After the rigorous 2-days long competitive session, the 4-member team of MBA students from Uniglobe College, namely Aastha Dahal, Romi Shrestha, Pramila Nepal, and Sreeya Dhital, was declared the winner amidst a ceremony held on Saturday in Kathmandu. With this victory, they have been awarded a trophy and cash prize of whopping Rs. 55,000.

A total of 10 teams from various MBA colleges in Nepal had battled it out among themselves, and worked on their concept and present it in the form of design, illustrations, visual, play or simply present their concept to the judges. The main objective of the competition was to unearth the gem of creativity of advertising and digital marketing scene.

Laxman Pokhrel, the Principal of Liberty college shared on the occasion that we have not been able to go beyond our comfort zone in terms of advertising and designing concepts. “We limit ourselves within a narrow boundary. Going beyond the comfort zone is very essential if we are to succeed and achieve something,” he said. Pokhrel added that advertising is a process which not only gives information but creates dissatisfaction in the people. “Advertisements should make the audiences feel dissatisfied about the existing products and services available in the market, and make them switch to a new one. Until and unless we can create dissatisfaction of existing products, the advertisement is not going to succeed. And, we can create a successful advertisement only if we put together our passion, dedication, and innovation,” he said.

Kshitiz Puri, Executive Director of Ideas and Solutions, shared that the overall objective of organizing the competition was to play a role to bring out a change in Nepali advertising industry by making ads more innovative and creative, and make the industry-leaders concerned.

The competition was organized by Ideas and Solutions, a management consultancy which is also the organizer of Corporate Roadies- hunt for the ultimate gladiator, the biggest management competition in Nepal. Glocal Khabar was the official online media partner for the event.

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