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Team Srastha with the idea of Yatri: Local Travel Companion


Team Srastha with four members pitched an idea of creating employment to local youth by giving travel companion service to the tourist in Nepal. The members of the team are Mr. Sarad Subedi, BSCIT third year, Trinity College, Ms. Hasin Baral, Mr. Rishi Poudel and Mr. Sudip Bartaula, BBA, Shankardev Campus.

The team inspiration is indeed to initiate something that they can contribute to society through entrepreneurship. When they came across the opportunity of Hult, they prepared the perfect timing to invest in incubating the idea in the filed of tourism. The team says, “If we have to think of two sectors that can provide 10,000 jobs in a year in Nepal are agriculture and tourism.” The idea on companion came across when one of the brother of the team was travelling and realized that local people and local youths were much more helpful than the the guide they hired during travel. The ideas was then born to make travel interesting for tourist and provide better experience.

Yatri is an idea to make one online platform where tourist can choose their own travel companion locally. The platform plans to provide students in local areas employment opportunities by helping people travel in their local areas. At the same time, students can study and earn.

The prototype is in the process ti make beta application. Also collecting data is also in the process. Some of the team member has now start planning and learning Chinese language.

When asked about the legal cross check about the companion employment opportunities to youth, they said that policy has not yet been made but they sure can influence policy making in the future.

Right now, they are planning for the Kathmandu valley and when they reach out to more people, they will be expanding to more areas. The team visions to make the idea applicable and expand in whole South Asia.

On December 9, 2018, Team Srastha won TU Hult Prize. The ‘on-campus event’ is the quarterfinal round of the Hult Prize 2019 and the winners get direct qualification to the “Regionals Event” which will be happening at 26 different cities all over the world. A total of 32 teams participated at the event and which was assessed by a panel of 16 jury members from different sectors and expertise. Student entrepreneurs were asked to create viable start-up centered on the theme of the Hult.

The team Srastha will be participating in regional competition of Hult and pitch their ideas.