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TECH HUB Open Call to End Wildlife Crime Workshop


Kathmandu, February 17, 2019: Application for WILDLABS Tech HUB program is now open with a deadline of February 24, 2019, which is open for all the region. This program is going to take place in London.

WILDLABS Tech HUB is organizing a workshop to aware and reduce illegal wildlife trade. It starts from March and will run through to June 2019. WILDLABS is collaborating with some of the biggest experts in the space to provide these resources and more. Being part of this program provides supports from international conversation organizations, support from Digital Catapult or Satellite Application Catapult experts. While there is no shortage of technology innovations, the realities of deploying long-lived solutions to the field have limited the possible impact.

For more information visit: https://www.youthop.com/workshops/tech-hub-open-call-tech-to-end-wildlife-crime?