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Teenage-hood: The Transitional Phase of our life


The countless heartbreaks, as well as constant longing to be “Mr./Miss Perfect”, these things never really leave you during your teenage years. Teenage-hood is probably the most memorable part of everybody’s life.

Often considered as “the transitional phase of our life”, this is the time when we take shapes and many also claim that this time decides who we are going to be soon.  Many teenagers tend to lose their track and divert themselves towards the wrong way during this period. Being a teenager has a lot of pros but let us not forget about the cons too.

You get first-hand experiences to many of the activities and this period teaches you a lot. You make mistakes, you fall in the trap, you try to act cool but at the end, it’s not about regretting over the past but cherishing the opportunities that you got to learn from your mistakes. Being a teenager is not easy at all. There are times when you need to choose from the vast array of choices. You get stuck between the alternatives and there are also times these options lead to serious consequences in the future. Friend circle matters a lot during these years because you either get inspired by your friend or you tend to get influenced by their bad habits.

It is also often called “Perfect Storm” as there is a continuous bombardment of responsibilities, duties as well as the peer pressure. This is the most critical phase of one’s life yet many adults tend to neglect the fact and do not understand them. Stress, depression and anxiety are very common during this phase. Adults need to talk, listen to their problems and if possible, should share their past experiences as well. Sharing helps a lot and trust me it becomes a lot easier.  During this period, there is a huge pressure of doing good in studies from family members as well as our relatives. You tend to except a lot and finally when these expectations do not meet you consider yourself unworthy. They tend to set high goals and want to try out everything, but this does not work out. Setting goals is not enough, you need to work hard, be passionate about the goal that you want to achieve. They do not realize these things and as a result, they get upset due to small things and get extremely proud by small achievements.

Bullying, ragging is the most common problem that all teenagers come across. This type of activities has a serious effect on their minds and will decrease their self-esteem in the long run. These things can later even lead to serious consequences. This period is full of turmoil and one need to act carefully because small decisions will matter in the long run. Due to changes in their hormones level, they get irritated faster and want to spend time alone. Some also suffer from teen depression as a result of the different series of events or things that they come across.

At this phase, they go through a lot of mental as well as physical changes and all they want is someone who understands them and knows what they are going through. So, the parents and elders can guide them; teach them ways to tackle different problems. Different problems arise just because the kids are unable to share their problems freely with their own parents and parents too do not care a much about their child’ changing behaviors and attitude. If not parents, they must share their problems with their friends and seek help. Asking for help does not mean you are weak, or you cannot control your own life. It simply means that you are willing to change yourselves. One should not dither to ask for any kind of help from anyone.

These years are the best time to learn, make friends, build your personality and one should not waste them on worthless things. These precious years will never come back again in life, so why not make them the best as well as the most memorable years?

– Anupa Khanal