Terai Madhesi Tigers Party surrenders weapons

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Terai Madhesi Tigers Party surrenders weapons

Lumbini, 5th January 2015 :  An underground outfit – the Terai Madhesi Tigers Party – surrendered arms and ammunition, and explosives to the government on Sunday.


The outfit was conducting underground activities in the western Terai for some years.

Terai Madhesi Tigers Party surrenders weapons
Terai Madhesi Tigers Party surrenders weapons


The group turned in as many as 28 units of arms to the sub-committee formed under the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC) of the Constituent Assembly at the District Police Office, Rupandehi.


Three IEDs (pressure cooker bombs), three sets of country-made guns, five units of bullets, three sets of ‘Tiffin-can bombs’, nine sets of  ‘pipe bombs’ and five grenades were surrendered, said Rupandehi Police Chief, DSP Rajendra Dhakal.


Of the total 130 sets of weapons used by the party, 28 sets were surrendered in the first phase and the rest would be surrendered on January 11, said Janardan Yadav, the group’s dialogue coordinator.


Similarly, dialogue committee coordinator Ananda Prasad Dhungana said that the outfit would surrender other weapons and explosive materials to the government on January 11 as per the gentleman’s agreement reached between the sub-committee and the outfit.


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