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Texas university cancels 50 out of 84 full scholarships awarded to Nepali students


Kathmandu, May 2, 2018 : Texas University at Tyler, USA has cancelled 50 out of 84 Scholarships it had promised to Nepali students this year. Students from Kathmandu, Chitwan, Gulmi and Nawalparasi were among the ones whose Scholarship was revoked as they were preparing to travel to the USA for commencing their studies.

The students had received the letter stating their scholarship was revoked two months after it was confirmed. They had submitted $100 as scholarship confirmation fee and $150 as housing deposits. They will now have to pay an additional $16,000 per annum according to the new offer from the university.

The Universtiy of Texas at Tyler, a part of University of Texas network that includes 14 colleges in the state of Texas, had offered full scholarships to 84 Nepalis in November,2017. The award was supposed to cover cost for tuition, meals, housing and books. A score of grade 12 graduates with outstanding SAT scores of 1,350 and good records got Presidential Fellow Scholarship from Tyler in January and February this year.

The University has now offered the students a Patriot Scholarship of $5,000 award renewable for three years. It is an in-state tuition rather than out-of-state . The amount is $16,000 less than the original offer. The students said they could not afford additional $16,000 per annum wanted the original offer to continue.

The affected students have started an online campaign asking for help as it is too late for them to apply at other universities for the semester that starts in August. One American College has said it would finance one student’s education so far.