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Textbook delivery hits Mugu

August 10, 2016: Shortage of textbooks has affected the studies of hundreds of students in Mugu as local book distributors have been unable to make the delivery due to Karnali Highway obstruction.

Although the new academic session started four months ago, new textbooks are yet to reach Mugu.

Book distributors in the district say the school textbooks are stuck in Surkhet owing to the highway obstruction due to floods and landslides.

The demand of textbooks for grades nine and ten is high in the district.

Kuberjung Shahi, a school teacher, said many students were having problem revising their day’s lesson and doing their assignments at home as they do not have textbooks. Tenth grader Dal Singh Nepali said he has visited the district headquarters thrice in the past four months to buy textbooks only to return home empty-handed.

The District Education Office has asked book distributors to transport the school textbooks without further delay. The distributors, however, say that they cannot make the delivery as long as the highway is closed.