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The 12th Chitwan Mahotsav Witnesses a Hope For Waste Management


Chitwan, January 27, 2019: Each year, the Chamber of Commerce Chitwan organizes a 10 days Chitwan Mahotsav in the heart of the city, Bharatpur, which this year was from 9th to 18th January 2019. One of the many highlights during the event this year was the efforts to raise awareness on Waste Management.

 A joint collaboration between Centre for Research and Sustainable Development Nepal (CREASION), Coca-Cola Bottlers Nepal (Terai) Ltd. and Green Nepal City Waste Management (GNCWM) brought people’s attention to the problems of waste generation and its management issues in the country. A rally with the slogan “Clean City, Our Responsibility” was organized whilst demanding respect for the people that work day-in-day-out to clean the environment, also known as the “Waste Workers”, with the message#dignityforall.

The Mahotsav represented ethnicity, culture, and diversity of Chitwan by bringing people from different groups, societies, and communities together. Like each year, the 12th Chitwan Mahotsav began with a mass rally, where people showcased their culture and tradition inclusive of various representatives from Waste Management Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Government Organizations, Business Groups, NGO’s, INGO’s and other philanthropic groups within the local community. The event was further formally inaugurated by Hon. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, former Prime Minister of Nepal. The Mahotsav had 500+ stalls with more than 1,000+ visitors each day.

Amidst the celebration of the event, methods of reusing used materials were demonstrated, through different recycled products such as mats made from old Saaris, slippers made from waste jute bags and chairs made from used plastics.

This initiation is just the beginning of a Project – “PET Waste Bottle Recollection and Recycling Center” at Bharatpur, Chitwan led by CREASION and supported by Coca-Cola Nepal and in local partnership with GNCWM.

CREASION, a not for profit organization driven by the vision of compassion-based development, has forayed into the plastic waste management sector with the aim of setting up a self- sustainable recycling enterprise in Nepal while bringing in the informal waste sector into a formalized mechanism.

This collaborative partnership between Coca–Cola, CREASION and GNCWM envisions an informed society in terms of Recycling, to ultimately address the growing issue of waste management problem in the country.