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The Asus Chromebit By Google


April 3, 2015: Google has announced The Asus Chromebit that holds a lot of computing power in a little pendrive-like object. You just have to plug the stick into any display with an HDMI port, like most big-screen TVs, and all of a sudden you will find your TV screen converted into Google Chromebook desktop.

This object can upgrade a monitor into an existing PC. You can also use it for art projects and to build interactive displays using cheap TVs.

It is small enough to fit into your pockets, and you can use it with Bluetooth mice and keyboards. It doesn’t really heat up because it has a super-small ARM processor that is also found in a cell phone. Like other chrome books, it has 2GB of memory and 16GB of storage. You can even get it in multiple colors.

Intel’s $149 Compute Stick running in Windows 8.1, will be a direct competitor to Chromebits which is going to be launched soon. The Asus Chromebit will perhaps be at least  $50 cheaper however the price has not been finalized.


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