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The Changemakers

Leadership seminar is a half day personal strengthening event that aims to bring together over 1000 youth from different walks to life to establish the concept that change comes from within. The event is basically focused on developing each individual as a leader and not a follower. It aims to shift stable attitude into a winning attitude and shape a desired belief system necessary to achieve greater prosperous goals.

Event Details

– One of the biggest leadership seminars by renowned speakers.
– Brings professionals from different areas together.
– Leadership speeches and creative refreshments like slam-poetries and musical performances.
– Presence of over 1000 participants involving youths as well as professionals from different fields.
– One of the most renowned venues of Kathmandu- Academy Hall. ï‚· Focuses on self- development and leadership qualities.
– Live telecast on National Television.
– Extensive media coverage.
– Participation of opinion leaders, celebrities, corporate leaders, politicians and influential youth activists.

event details

Target Audience:

We intend to include participants from different areas and age groups. This seminar aims to reach out over 1000 participants including participants from academic as well as professional background. Furthermore, to strengthen the presence, value and impact of the seminar, various political elites, famous personalities, opinion leaders, youth activists, and celebrities will be invited as trainers, guest speakers and dignitaries.


Inspiration in participants for the materialization and mobilization of their ideas.
– Develop positive attitude
– Acquire the essential skills that distinguish a successful leader from a manager.
– Understand current leadership strengths and weaknesses and build on them.
– Achieve greater acceptance of ideas and initiatives and generate insights into motivating others.
– Discover how to lead teams to high performance and become an effective champion of innovation.
– Acquire the knowledge necessary to prevent being derailed as a leader.

Trainer’s Details

The change-maker – Anil Keshari Shah: Anil Keshari Shah is a banker and a social motivator. His journey in the banking sector started as a teller. Mr. Shah excelled at Standard Chartered, and his career advanced rapidly, proving his skeptics wrong. He rose to become the General Manager of the bank and in 2004, he was appointed as CEO of Nabil Bank – the first Nepali CEO of a joint venture bank in Nepal. He has exhibited his great leadership skills as the Chief Executive Officer of Mega Bank. Mr. Shah loves change and thrives in change.

The Change-maker – John Lovdal: John Lovdal is currently the Political Party Program Director for National Democratic Institute’s program in Nepal. He is originally from Norway where he graduated from the University of Oslo with a Master Degree in Political Science. After completing studies, John Lovdal worked at the national party secretariat of the Norwegian Christian Democrats as the International and Organizational Secretary. John Lovdal has since 2007 been working for NDI. Since August 2013, John Lovdal has been living in Kathmandu and directed the NDI Nepal’s political party program The Change-maker – Mahesh Dahal A training, development and research consultant, Mr. Mahesh Dahal is also a leadership and motivational speaker. Mr. Dahal has been the resources person for UNDP, SNV Nepal, Care Nepal, Action Aid Nepal, UNICEF, Demo Finland, USAID, Australian Aid, DANIDA, CCO, UNI, SDC, Helvitas Nepal , DFID, CECI, USC Canada, CARITAS Nepal, UMN Nepal, World Vision International Nepal, IEDI, MS Nepal, National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Various Business Organizations, Banking Sector. He is the National past president of Nepal Jaycees.

The Change-maker – Rajendra Bahadur Shrestha: Mr. Rajendra Bahadur Shrestha is a renowned National Management Consultant, Communication Specialist, International Trainer and Motivational Speaker. He has an unique distinction of being elected as the first International Vice President of Jaycees International from Nepal in 1977. He has also served Lions International District 325 A as Cabinet Secretary and Rotary International Nepal District 3290 as Charter President of Rotary Club of Rajdhani. He has also served as Founder Secretary of country’s apex Chamber, FNCCI’s Think Tank.


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