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The Demand of a Research Center in Province No. 2


JANAKPUR, July 2, 2019: A group of youths from Techno Minds Robotics Club and the Robo Group on Monday have showcased a manual traffic light system and an information providing robot in Janakpur.

The young minds stated they now seek assistance from the Government’s side.

Deepak Kumar Shah, the associate member from Techno Minds Robotics Club stated, “We have been able to successfully install a manual traffic light control system in Janakpur with the limited resources we had. Our system was made using Bluetooth systems and mobile devices.”

In the press conference organized by the two organizations jointly, Sahil Gupta stated, “We want to request our provincial government to provide us assistance so that we will be able to bring new dimensions into technological development faster than the other states.”

The organizations want to install the manual traffic system in a crossroad of Janakpur and previous talks regarding the same have been held with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law as told by the organizers. They further added saying how talks regarding the same had also been conducted with the Dhanusha Traffic Department. However, their plight was that none of the concerned departments, ministries or people took any interest into the installation of new systems.

The need for a Mithila Research Center has also been put forward by the young enthusiasts.

As stated by Shashank Karn, the youth-led organizations are currently being run on the investment of the members of the club itself. However, with a little support from the government, they are sure they can come up with high-quality innovations.

Deepak Kumar Shah, Shekhar Kumarab, and Jitendra Sharma from Techno Minds Robotics Club and Sahil Gupta, Shashank Karn and Shubash Sharma from the Robo Group presented the traffic light and robot they have created on Kalwar Kutti Assembly Hall on Monday.


-Mahima Poddar