The Five Amazing Quick and Positive Response After the Major Earthquake in Nepal


    After everything just got wrong for Nepalese, especially those residing in the capital and districts Nearby after the most devastating earthquake on 12th of Baisakh, 2072 , things changed completely and lives changed . People lost their Houses, families were disconnected, Thousands of people died and other uncountable were Injured.

    No one was possibly prepared for this sort of major Natural Disaster that possibly dragged the economy of the whole nation years back . Billions of Investments, Housings and other major monuments are at high risk and have been completely damaged. Many lives have come to a Zero Point where they have nothing but “ Hopes” to still continue with their survival and then start everything from the beginning.

    Mobilization and Proper Response Of Human Resource

    One very commendable part of the Earthquake quick Response was the efforts made by the Army and police officials who have been wisely mobilized to rescue and help people. There have been times Nepal has failed to really address the Security but this time everyone is much more pleased with what our committed officials have worked day and night for the welfare of people.

    Massive Flow of Information Via Social Media

    The Next very notable part of the Quick Response was the wise and the massive use of the Social Media and the enthusiasm the youths showed. When their own homes were broken , they came forward , some associated with organizations  and others  individually to help people around. There were many people who came forward with free relief items . This disaster brought in a sense of humility and responsibility to the people and helped them to integrate resources and then reach to the people who were affected.

    Medical Support

    Besides every odd speculation, the medical teams performed very well in the post disorder phase. The hospitals were operated on open spaces but did continue to serve the real victims with their problems. While most of the shops remained closed, major chowks in the cities had medicals open.

    Government Efforts

    The government made all the possible steps to make the communication with the most responsible official . The phone numbers of the exact major person was made available. This also somehow made people more confident while sharing their problems. Also many government offices resumed it’s major works in the premises to help people in the disaster.

    Strong Media Presence

    The roles that Media played by making soft news and motivating people to not panic and be in safe place was really amazing. The positive news of Re-habitation, Relief Distribution actually inspired many people. The most affected areas were properly identified and communicated well so that resources were properly distributed to areas where Required.

    These were few notable and positive things that actually made a real difference. It is never too late to thank everyone who were directly and indirectly involved in helping people in their pain. There are things that did not work , there are places that were untouched but still this is a notable impact that Government and the other people, organizations made.

    A lot more involvement is required to reinstate and rebuilt Nepal in many ways. And this Positive start will actually help us move a more far  for a better Tomorrow.


    By: Rusha Giri


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