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The healing power of Music


If we think of a particular thing we would like to do at all times, most of our answers will be music. For most of us, living without all those wonderful songs and compositions is simply unimaginable.

While some of us are good at singing, dancing; most of us would love to listen to their favourite songs all day. Music is a healer to the wounds we encumber in the journey of life. Music differs according to our mood, the stage of life we are in and the circumstances we are facing. A child might love music as vibrant as his childhood, however, an older person may be more inclined towards soft music.

Just like a good soundtrack accompanies a wonderful movie, music accompanies me throughout my entire life. During this period of self-isolation, I have been listening to music almost every time. Music is my healing, it lifts me, sometimes even help me drift. It can transport to happier times and take to a certain memory. Yes! that will make a smile.

Music truly is something magical. It’s a therapy for the soul. During the ups and downs of life, music lifts up when you are sad and music that keeps you going despite all thee difficulties. Music is a thoroughly entertaining platform and regarded as an Art.

When I was growing, I thought music meant nothing. I thought them merely as an alternative to entertainment but now I do realize that music is one’s best friend. New music brings new hope with it. However, old music brings memories with them; memories that can both make us smile and cry.

Music can be heard everywhere around us. The raindrops, wind blows, the birds singing, everything is on its own ride of music. Music is generally defined as an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and colour. However, music is also the sounds of creating a melody.

It is said that music and rhythm find their places in the secret places of the soul and I truly believe it does. Music regenerates the hidden emotions of a human mind that is isolated within us during life.

  • Swechha Poudel