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The impact of match fixing on Nepali Football


One of the greatest disgrace in the football world is Match fixing. There are many domestic and International fixtures which were effected due the dreadful act like match fixing. This issue is the major threat ,not only to particular nation but for the whole world.


For the first time in Nepal’s history, Nepali players were convicted on match fixing in International level. Nepal skipper Sagar Thapa along with Sandip Rai,Ritesh Thapa and Bikash singh Chettri and Formal Coach of Three star club  Anjan K.C. were convicted for match fixing. Later they accepted the charge that were kept on them. According to Nepal Police,Players have been involved in Match fixing since 2008 and the agents were from foreign nation. The agent lured players by attacking their weak point and directly . Before bringing them to the game,they made every detail explicit from personal to professional role of the player.

As still there are many names of National football that are still left to be revealed,the major concern arises where will Nepali football go in the next peroid? Will the trust of fans to the players will last? Or is it the first step for the positive change on Nepali football?


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