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The king of Taas-Chitwan Bhetghat!


Kathmandu, 9th february 2016; Chitwan Bhetghat, the pioneers of Taas opened its outlet in Kathmandu on 2069 after being the first to bring it to Nepal in 2044 . They began their sales after outrageously breaking the targets set on their first day. We were astounded to find out that their Taas comes marinated from Chitwan every single day via air!

The team of foodies from Glocal Khabar went to the ever so famous Chitwan Bhetghat, Anamnagar to see what their Taas was all about.

On their entrance the chef was frying the Taas in an open kitchen. That is always a relief to see an open kitchen. We sat on a table and were instantly greeted by a charming waiter and ordered what we came there for-Taas. Just after minutes, we were greeted with a plate full of Mutton Taas set.

A steel plate was before us, with taas, salad and plateful of puffed rice with masala on top.

Puffed Rice:

The puffed rice was crunchy and in an outrageous amount. It had no taste but the masala served its purpose quite well. The rice did not taste bland and was crunchy. That’s always fun to eat!



The Tomato Radish pickle was full of surprises. At first bite, it punched us with all the spices it had then slowly reverted being tangy. The spices and the radish blended quite well.  The Radish was finely boiled; not too hard to bite neither too soft just the right texture while biting.


The king of the dish, the Taas was as expected; a hit! The mutton was soft to bite, tender and juicy. The smoky flavor gave it the signature ‘taas’ flavor. The mutton was cooked just perfectly, not undercooked neither overcooked. Cooked to give it the perfect texture. Medium Spices blended very well and the mutton did not revert being tasteless. The Taas was undoubtedly a work of pioneers.


The salad is all washed with mineral water and looks very fresh and clean. Radish, cucumber and carrot team up well to serve a great salad eat.

Overall, the taas was very good and it was a pleasure reviewing their food and restaurant.

Do visit Chitwan Bhetghat to experience the great flavor of “Taas”

Review and Photograph: Sangeet Poudel and Srijan Baral


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