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The Lemonade Campaign


Kathmandu, March 22, 2015: The Lemonade Campaign, which is titled as “Respecting Professions: moving towards a better society 2.0” is deeply rooted with the major objective of WRP. The idea is based on the entrepreneurial module, where a group of young people (WRP Core) came together in a Lemonade Stand to sell lemonade of different flavors (Mint, Strawberry, Orange and Raspberry) in a reasonable price in an attractive way.

The Lemonade Stand event happened on Minbhawan on 14th, New Baneswor on 15th and once again on Minbhawan on 17th of March, 2015.The major attraction of the event were young people selling the lemonade, slogans about respect for professions, and the idea of “Board for Thoughts” which is was board where visitors filled in their thoughts about a random theme related to the campaign. More importantly, the taste of the lemonade and its flavors were highly admired by customers. They found it new and very reasonable in the price it was sold.

The event was not only successful in making the customers happy, but also in spreading a positive message that work is what matters afterall and young people can earn independently with those works which our society regards as ‘small’. It’s mostly about perspective and the event was successful to enhance respect for profession. Soon, in order to add to objectives of the event, a video that features this event will be released on YouTube.

We Respect Professions is a campaign led by young people who have recognized the need of addressing one of the major social problems, which is disrespecting of various professions. This campaign started with a ‘Deusi-Bhailo’ program that was organized during Tihar of 2071 B.S. and the entire campaign reached its climax because of the event titled as “Drop a Rupee – and get a song for you!” with a song dedicated to a random girl named Rimsa at Basantapur Durbar Square. The Event Video has already reached 44 thousand hits, and is still moving ahead in rapid pace.


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