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The Movie Club with Yadav Kharel Happening Today

Onion Films is organizing The Movie Club on 28th July, 2015. The speaker of the event is Mr. Yadav Kharel. 

Yadav Kharel is a renowned film-maker in Nepali film industry. Among others, his notable films include Prem Pinda, Shree Swasthani, Cheli Beti, Lobhi Papi. 

Mr. Kharel will be speaking about his journey in film-making. He will share the experiences of making some of his prominent films along with the difficulties faced by him in his career and the film industry. He will also share his ideas on how can the new generation help to improve Nepali film industry.

This event aims to inform the aspiring film-makers and film enthusiasts to learn from the experiences of a senior film-maker and have a better understanding of the industry.

Program details:

Organizer: Onion Films
Venue: Shilpee Theatre Group, Battisputali
Time: 4:40 pm onwards
Entry: Free

For details, contact: Nabin Bhatt (9848835015) or Ranjit Shrestha (9846746836)


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