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The PHE Project Successfully Concludes a Closing Workshop


Kathmandu, December 12, 2018: Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) and WWF Nepal has successfully organized a project closing workshop on Population Health and Environment (PHE) today.

The main motive of the session was to share the key learnings and experiences of combining environmental conservation with sexual and reproductive health education, and services, based on the partnership between WWF Nepal, Family Planning Association of Nepal, community-based organizations and youth. There were participants from  various Civil Society Organizations working in health and conservation sector, community based organizations, local youth, media personnel among others.

The PHE project was started in 2011 with the collaboration of WWF Nepal, WWF Finland, The Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) and Family Planning Association of Nepal. Along with the objective of natural resource conservation, the project aimed to contribute to health (sexual and reproductive), education (PHE) and livelihood improvement of the conservation communities residing in Terai Arc Landscape (TAL).