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The Relatives Of victims Staged Angry Protest: China Boat Capsize


June 4, 2015: After a cruise ship capsized on China’s Yangtze River the relatives of the victims have staged a protest near the sinking site since they are not getting detailed information about the rescue efforts.

Relatives of some of the nearly 400 people are missing. Demanding more information dozens of people broke through police cordons at the river in Jianli, Hubei. As per the source, 65 people are now confirmed to have died when the Eastern Star overturned in a storm on Monday.

Only 14 of the 456 passengers are known to have escaped. Since Tuesday’s dramatic rescues no-one has been pulled out alive but rescue workers battling heavy rain have cut into the hull of the upturned vessel so divers can search inside.The official death toll leapt on Thursday morning after divers retrieved 39 more bodies overnight.The officials says they are not giving up hope.

Li Qixiu of the Naval University of Engineering told the state news agency Xinhua that the ship sank in a very short time frame, so there could still be air trapped in the hull.Hundreds are sequestered in a nearby hotel lobby, watching the same repetitive state television reports available to the rest of the country.The relatives are furious that no-one is providing detailed information.


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