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The Role of Youth Engagement in Positive Youth Development


Youth engagement is very crucial for youths to showcase their talent. Such schemes develop and groom youth from all possible aspects. Increasingly, it has been reported that the use of a youth-oriented approach to social change is called for, through working with community partners, other youth parties and so forth.

What actually does Youth Engagement mean?

Youth engagement is regarded to be one of the buzzwords in the youth development field. It implies the involvement of youth in planning and making decisions that affect themselves and others. So, basically, engagement of youth is when young people come together, take challenging actions to create positive and social change. There are many such initiatives taken by the youth in Nepal, some of which being the Youth Thinkers’ Society, where it provides opportunities and challenges to young and bright minds to work forth for making positive impacts in their societies; Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON) which aims to bring youth organizations together to provide a common platform for collaboration, cooperation, joint actions and collective endeavors; Youth Action Nepal (YAN), which is one of the leading national youth organizations committed in the youth and development issues; and there are many more like that.

How does such roles help in the positive development of the youth?

Youth play paramount role in the development of the nation. They stand together, brainstorm ideas, figure things out and execute them. And thus, they actually make an impact, which is beneficial to the society or nation as a whole. Youth engagement is central principal for youth development. Such engagements enhances youth with their potential skill, knowledge and power and that is very essential for peaceful, democratic, disciplined and developed society thereby contributing a prosperous nation. The engagements also offer community leaders the expertise and partnership of young people. The young people from there, can learn plenty and groom themselves. So, it ultimately aids in bringing out the best out of an individual. They are actively involved in shaping their development by interacting with the people and opportunities made available within their environments. They learn and grow, create network, and thus, they have in mind of what to do next. So, when youths are provided with such roles, it orients them to be someone they have always aspired to be. They can contribute their level best in their doings and realize that the things they have always feared to do before, are actually something they can easily achieve. This surges them to keep doing more and more in life. It boosts their will power and strengths. It tailors them to be someone who they never thought they would be.

So, the youths must be encouraged to be engaged in such programs, in order to positively develop themselves to further be responsible citizens of the nation.

-Shreyasa Dhakal