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The Role of Youth in Nation Building


Youth is not only the vital source of state but also a change agent. They are the evolver of social, economic, political and cultural transformation and the driving force for change. Unlike in Nepal, where The National Youth Council Act 2015 has categorized people between the ages of 16 to 40 as youths, the United Nations has assumed that the people with the age group 15-24 years are only youths. 

The youths play a vital role in the constructive process of building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability in a nation in an inclusive and democratic way. The involvement of youths in the nation building process is a must as they play one of the most important roles. Hence, youths are ultimately the social actors of change and process.

Youth can work forth for the nation in every possible way; they can stay and create employment themselves with the skills they possess than going to abroad and seeking for job opportunities there. It can bring the youths in the forefront of national development with some proper guidance and direction. The youths have dreams, hopes and passions. They yearn to achieve something great in life. They have gushing enthusiasm which has to be regulated and utilized in the right way. Afterall, people can exercise their full potential when they are young and energetic.

There are many revolutionary youth-leaders in Nepal, who have outshone and paved the path towards development; Bilal Ahmed Sah who has been leading in his entrepreneurial venture- Latido Leathers; Navraj Parajuli- leading in Nepali literature; Pavitra Gautam, who has been leading an exceptionally well doing in a new educational development company Karkhana. So, youth force in every country is dynamic, creative and optimistic. If we study the scenario at the global level, every developing country across the world can achieve economic progress through the use of their mental and physical power for making quality of life of the people. 

In order to make the country prosperous, we have to create opportunities for children and youth in which they can feel free to get quality education, learn skills for making the desired level of changes in their economic and social sectors. If the government of Nepal succeeds to achieve it in time, there is no doubt that the most active, energetic and dynamic group can use their potential to make a flourishing Nepal. For this, education is the most important tool. Quality and equal education for all to make the coming youths more professional and skill oriented ought to be guaranteed by the government. The bitter fact is unless we are using the physical power of youths, no country can go ahead. It is high time to export services than to import them. And for this purpose, all youths must join hand in hand to make a joint effort for a positive impact.

There are many roles of youth in the nation building process. One of which being the fact that they can reproduce– meaning, they can take up the position left by their elders and put in efforts to further grow and develop. They can produce more and more with initiative actions and contribute much to the society, henceforth the nation. The other role comprises of protection, which implies that the youth are expected to protect their culture and tradition while at the same time, acknowledge and embrace changes. This way, the heritage sites can be well maintained and promoted. Growth, being the other role, implies that the development of the country, in all the spheres like social, political and economics, depends largely on youth and their actions.

Hence, youth are ultimately the building blocks of the nation. The stronger the youth are the more developed the nation is. If people in the past could override things and be evergreen characters, then why can’t the youths of today, that too when provided with all the modern means! So, let us hope for the best, and support the idea of youth being such an example in the time to come.

-Shreyasa Dhakal