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The Role of Youth in Politics


I want to take you all back to your childhood. What was your aim in life as a child? I am quite sure that you all will reply with the same clichéd answers; doctors, engineers, pilots, etc. but there will only be few who will stand out from the crowd and will have something different to say. Their visions were different from others and they wanted to lead the world talking significantly- they wanted to be a political leader. And how many of you amongst them pursued this career? There will merely a few among them who will have dedicated their life to this career.

Even if you ask the kids of today’s generation, you will rarely get to hear from someone interested in politics. This is the situation of politics in our country. We youth do not take any interest at all in these kinds of stuff. Politics has been set as a dirty game in today’s youth’s mind, but we could never remove that kind of mindset as the political situation of our country has been unstable and turbulent. One of the reasons for instability and ineffectiveness of the system is the minimal participation of youth in decision-making processes.

Nepal comprises of 20.8% of people falling under the age group 16-25 and 40.68% lying in the age group 25-40. This data depicts that we have a huge number of youths we can work tirelessly and efficiently to lead the country to better heights. The most important decisions are taken by the people who are not well updated, equipped and who carry the same old thoughts which are irrelevant to today’s context. We need people who can understand the youth’s need and their importance, we need people who can take decisions according to the situations keeping in mind the era they are living in.

How many of you know this year’s budget? Many of you will be there scratching your head and making random guesses. Now, we can see where we have made mistakes; we do not take an interest in these kinds of a small but important matter. For this, we need to build an interest in politics since a very small age. Politics need not be only the topic discussed by the elders. It can be a topic of discussion for youths too. Just read the newspapers daily, explore what’s happening in the country? You’ll get to know lots of valuable knowledge.

Cursing the leaders and sitting at the chiya pasal giving boastful talks won’t matter much and is just a waste of time, what will matter in the end is “Could you be the change?” It’s high time that we do something; it’s high time that we rise up for the country’s betterment. It can all happen if we work together. Though naïve, youths have a huge prospect in this sector if they are provided with proper mentorship and guidance. The unstable political system should not deter us from taking part in political activities because it’s us who are going to lead the country later in the future.

There are about 25.2% of people living under the poverty line. If in a proper place for decision making, we can promote entrepreneurship, new start-ups in our country to create and generate job opportunities so that no one should ever live from hand to mouth. This way there will be a huge decrement in mass exodus living the country for foreign employment. Things do not change overnight but a small step towards the goal is what matters the most. No one will come to remove us from the clutches of these so-called ‘leaders’ until we do. Now, dependency won’t let you achieve everything you dreamt of, but your will power, dreams, and aspirations will.

It’s really important that we understand how valuable youths for a country are. A country cannot prosper in the absence of their most active human resources. So, let’s stand up for the change and be the change.

Now, It’s not the matter of ‘WE SHOULD’, it’s the matter of fact that “WE MUST !

– Anupa Khanal