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The Second Artificial Heart Transplantation In France


PARIS, April 5, 2015: A man became the second person in France to get an artificial heart. On Sunday, he said in his first interview that he had recovered to the position of riding a bike.

The 69-year-old, who went through the artificial heart transplantation in August, was critically ill with a heart condition. He then took transplant in the western city of Nantes about 8 months ago.

The transplant was more like a part of an experiment for an artificial heart created by French firm Carmat. The first recipient was 76-year-old Claude Dany who died in March last year. He died just 10 weeks after receiving the trial device.

However, the second recipient has prospered much better. He was discharged from the hospital at the beginning of the year. He told in his first interview since his operation that he had recovered and regained his normal life.

He said to JDD Weekly in his interview, “I walk, I get up and I bend over 10 to 15 times a day, without any problem. I keep my balance. I’m not bothered. I don’t even think about it. In fact, pretty much from the day I was operated, I felt myself come alive again.”

The artificial heart is made up of soft “biomaterials” created to reduce the risk of blood clots and exclusion by the immune system. The heart is powered by a belt of lithium batteries.

According to the patient, the prime key was not to forget to charge the batteries.


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