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The success is the result of failure and pain


People around the world are doing their jobs to be a successful person in whatever field they are working on. The story of every person’s life begins with a vision and goal where they want to reach in the future. Attainment of that vision and goal or at least getting closer to that vision makes them feel being successful.

Some people have truly reached their vision whereas many people of the world are not living the life of their dream. The reason for such difference between the lives of people are education, network, and resources available but above all is tenacity despite failure and pain.

People take pain and failure as something negative and unwanted in their lives and try to avoid it at any cost. They think that they will lose something if they fail in their field of work and afraid of failure and pain. If they fail or pain is too much, they withheld from their dreams and start living with what contrast with their vision and live a life that is different from their dreams.

The one that is successful is the one who accepts failure and pain and sticks to their dreams despite their pain. There are many living people who are the living example of being successful through pain and failure. Elon Musk an entrepreneur who is seen as a successful person by normal eyes was indeed failing in a devastating way at a certain period of time.

All of Elon Musk’s funds were at risk when both Tesla and Space X was failing. Both the company was on the verge of bankruptcy but Elon Musk stood determined. Two rocket launch from space X was a failure, any person would quit from what they are doing at such a problematic situation.

Even the people related to space and automobile business were thinking that the company is destined to fail. But, Despite all these failures he stuck to his dreams and never lost his hope, scenario in which many people will abandon their dreams and start something over again.

In Elon Musk’s life, he became successful through accepting failure and learning something new in order to become who he is today. Same people who were doubting him in the past and were saying his dream is going to be a failure are now being very respectful to him and are even trusting him in his vision and idea. So, with failure Elon Musk brought success to his life.

There are other people like Elon Musk in the world as well who are living the life of their dream just because early on in their life they failed and accepted that failure, laughed at it became happy and moved on pursuing their dreams and following the glimpse of hope they have of achieving it. That is how they found happiness in, pursuing what they truly believe.

The people who failed and improved view the world differently as they start failing because they got closer to the truth and the chances of making mistakes were reduced as they had already learned from their mistakes they had just made. So, the failure and mistake in life should not be disdained rather it should be a matter of joy as it is our teacher and a guide that helps us in going through our journey of life. Failure is not a full stop, a person who comes back from the failure are the one who roars like a tiger and becomes king of their respective fields.

By: Romin Neupane