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The Youth Talks: Fourth Episode Synopsis


The youth talks is a initiative by workshop maniacs which prioritizes focusing on the topics related to Youth and opportunities available for the youth in today’s age and time. TYT recently completed the 4th episode. The 4th episode of TYT was focused on topic becoming an engineer. The panel consisted of Ms. Promisha Mishra Telecom engineer for Nepal Telecom, Mr. Puran Subedi, Civil Engineer and Managing Director of Southwest multipurpose consult Private Limited, Mr. Vikrant Karki Electronics and Communication engineer and Mr. Ayush Parajuli, Mechanical Engineer and the session was moderated by Rhythm Sah.

There were few topics under which discussion was made. All the speaker were asked to share about their engineering field and its scope. Everyone, answered relevant to their field.

Mr. Bikrant Karki :  Electronics and Communication Engineering is a leading faculty globally and most of the output is from electronics and communication engineering because everybody is dependent on different Gadgets. It is very important but in Nepal we lack this facility which requires a lot of improvements. You can imagine in any electronic gadget automation and Robotics, electronics and Communications is a very important part. Therefore, this is a field that is making the world a global village.

Ms. Promisha Mishra: Computer engineering is a very fast field as there are lot of things we can do.  Computer engineers development app has been making work easier by the development of health related websites and the making overall communication and the workflow easier. As a computer engineer you can choose what you want to do according to your interest and looking at current scenario, there is a lot of scope as a computer engineer as it has one of the most demand in engineering.

Mr. Puran Subedi: Civil Engineering has a great scope right now in Nepal and after the earthquake of 2015 it has grown civil engineers with recognition throughout the nation. In any kind of development project, civil engineers are very important and now civil engineers play a vital role and also has important scope.

Ayush Parajuli: Mechanical engineering is not just about building vehicles or automobiles. Everything that moves can be related to mechanics and when there is mechanics it comes upon mechanical engineers to figure it out so it’s a very diverse feel and has a lot of scope.

The second question was about their journey and they shared that it was very difficult for them to figure out how to start and what should be done. The common problems shared by them was lack of guidance, difficulty in figuring interests and hardships in their journey to be an engineer. However, they made a decision and joined the field of their interest and now they have achieved their dream in their respective fields.

The moderated asked the question – “Is there something you would avoid or something you wished you knew before joining engineering?”

Mr. Subedi said –“I was initially not sure which field I would enroll myself. I was certainly confused on what should I do over, Later I decided to choose engineering field as it matched my choice and learning interests. I wanted to be a Civil Engineer, but I had interests in Machines too.I could have done good in machine field also, but I have no regrets as I am a civil engineer.

Mr. Parajuli said –“Life is the learning process and Engineering is field that basically starts from early through thinking and figuring out things. I think I regret not starting early enough and also not researching in very early stages and not relating with things should be used in a list. If I had started earlier, and the habit of research and learning would have even made me better right now.

Ms.Mishra said – “Computer engineering coding is a very important part in computer engineering. As I was prepared for doing computer engineering, I was trying to learn the different programming languages and techniques related to computer. I believe the technique that is it related to computer is very important and if I didn’t have done all, I would have lagged behind. That is why I suggest newcomers to come in this field learning beforehand and also try to understand programming language and topics related to the field you are interested.

Mr. Karki added – “While talking about electronics and communication engineering, we need to create the scope and I chosed to stay Nepal and develop this field. This journey as not easy however, it has been great till now.

“We got overwhelming response from throughout the nation and we crossed over 3500 views. We are getting request on doing sessions on different topics like becoming a doctor becoming a pilot and many other fields” said the CEO of Workshop Maniacs Rhythm Sah.

You can know more about the session at facebook.com/rhythmsahofficial