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The Youth Talks: Synopsis


The Youth Talks is an initiative by Rhythm Sah a motivational speaker from Biratnagar and he is also a Glocal Teen Hero Alumni.  The Youth Talk just successfully completed its second episode on the topic “Being a young entrepreneur“. The panel consisted of Mr. Santosh Pandey, Co-founder of Offering happiness; Mr. Sanjay Kafle, Founder of best mad honey; Mr. Saugat Tiwari, Chairman Nuevea Foods Pvt. Ltd and Ms. Prithu Singh Thakuri, CEO WPAIII club. The session was moderated by Rhythm Sah.

The session was focused on getting insights from the journey of the speakers. Firstly, they were asked to introduce themselves and also talk about their respective companies. A common question was raised to all the speakers and that was- “What is entrepreneurship for them?” The answers were different from each speaker. Everyone defined entrepreneurship in a different way.  For Mr. Tiwari, Entrepreneurship is an art of expressing himself. Mr. Kafle said it’s a tool that makes him better and brings out the best in him. Mr. Pandey shared that entrepreneurship is a mindset where he sees possibilities in problems and for Ms. Thakuri, it is a journey of converting ideas into reality.

We got to hear the journeys of our speakers on how they went through ups and downs and how they learned doing and exploring. We heard their stories on how their ventures started. And it was truly inspiring to hear their first hand experiences as entrepreneurs. The moderator asked the questions to all the speakers about the mistake that they made which could have been avoided in the course of their startups. Mr. Pandey shared his mistake was moving to a new space and expanding too soon without calculating the pros and cons and also not evaluating market for long enough. And he also told that putting a strong foundation is very important when it comes to startups. Ms. Thakuri said her mistake was lack of proper knowledge and patience. She told she would start something and leave it and move to the next thing when things didn’t work out right. But if she had continued many of those ventures would have been successful today. Mr. Tiwari shared that his mistake was selecting wrong Co-Founders which led to problems and failures. Likewise, Mr. Kafle realized his mistake during team building. He shared that team building should be highly selective and there should be communication between the team members where goals should be made clear during the initial phases.

Entrepreneurship has become like a fashion statement a trend but is it really that glamorous and is the grass really that green on the other side? Upon asked this question by the moderator, everyone said that entrepreneurship is not that glamorous as it seems. The things seen outside are not even 1% of the reality. Not all ventures are successful and changes don’t happen overnight. It’s a long process of evolving.

The speakers gave their suggestions to the people who are in the very initial phases or planning to start their venture. Mr. Santosh Pandey said –“ Keep learning and experimenting. Also be open to changes and just try doing.”

Mr. Sanjay Kafle said –“I would love to have advice on team building. And we tend to forget the path so, it’s important not to. We need to define ourselves through story.

Saugat Tiwari suggested new comers to research on their idea and consult with people who can give their honest review. Having long term and scalable vision is important. Starting small and going up would be the best way to go.

According to Ms. Prithu Singh Thakuri – “You need to have passion, you need to be persistent and passionate. Because it takes a lot of   time to develop something and learn a new skill.”

There were also some questions from the audience.  And also got a lot of positive comments on the initiative. We are now getting requests for doing these sessions more frequently. Well it takes a lot of behind the scenes in organizing the youth talks but we now plan on doing it once every two weeks.

We are also now coming out with one on one sessions. We will also be rolling out with closed group sessions. These are some other sessions that we will be running apart from the youth talks.

The youth talks is a platform to discuss topics related to the youth. We promote young professionals on the show but the core value is to discuss the problems of the youth, motivate them and help them in showing the correct path. It’s not just the core value of TYT but of the overall operations we run.