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Third Session of Skilled Voice with Mr. Narottam Aryal

Third Session of Skilled Voice with Mr. Narottam Aryal

Kathmandu, August 16, 2018: The third session on Skilled Voice series wrapped up with success today. Mr. Narottam Aryal, Executive Director of King’s College shared his ideas about his skill journey. The series was held at the premises of Glocal After School, Thapagaun, Kathmandu.

Mr. Narottam has been working in the business and entrepreneurship aspect of Nepalese higher education since 1999. For one year, he served as the convener of the Start-up Ecosystem Development Committee of Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal in the year 2017. With the mission of democratizing the wealth creation in Nepalese Society, he is a firm believer of freedom has actively been promoting entrepreneurship.

Speaking at the session, Mr. Aryal shared about how his job experiences gave him the area to learn about the human skills. He then collected how the human connections can be utilized for a long-term objective. “Life always gives you the opportunity to either choose to quit or to provide justice to the work given and achieve the objective above the personal level,” said Mr. Aryal emphasizing on the fact that there is very less chance to find those ideal people to work with.

Based on his experiences he believes in being authentic to get work done. Understanding the differences of people around, one needs to adapt accordingly to grow and achieve. He mentioned, “Learning attitude, originality, and adaptability is the key to get the work done.”

On answering a few questions from the participants, he shared his thoughts, “Education alone just will not be enough to make a person perfect for the future. Education skills along with the hard human skills like emotional intelligence, influences, motivations, managements are also must important for a person to succeed.”

He shares, “Manipulation is very strong initially but does not last long and has very worst results. But positive influences create an environment of companionship, understanding, easiness and also meet the goal in the wider perspective.”

The session saw some 20 enthusiastic participants followed by the question and answer session with the speaker and concluded with refreshment. Token of appreciation was presented by General Manager Ms. Alina Prajapati. Skilled Voice Series is an initiation of Glocal After School as a forum to hear the stories and experiences of a skillful journey from the speakers.