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Thousands on Strike in Vietnam Over Insurance Law


April 1, 2015: Thousands of workers at a shoe factory in Vietnam’s capital Ho Chi Minh City are on strike for the sixth day, in a rare anti-government protest.

The workers are protesting at a social insurance law that kicks in next year.

They have occupied the factory compound of Taiwanese-owned Pou Yuen, which makes footwear for major brands such as Nike and Adidas.

Vietnam sometimes sees worker disputes but large-scale protests against the government are rare.

City and government officials have been trying to negotiate, as streets surrounding the factory remain blocked by protesters, who have been conducting peaceful sit-ins.

“The company has given them a day off today and we are holding dialogue with workers,” Nguyen Tran Phuong Tran, deputy chairwoman of the city’s labour union, told Reuters.

Source: BBC


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